Friday, June 4, 2010

On our doorstep....

Phase Two has begun! We had our colour selection and electricals at Hopetoun Interiors on 24 May 2010. In retrospect, I must say that it was a bit disappointing. The selection was pretty limited, pretty much everything was an upgrade and both the ‘specialists’ were in a hurry to get things done. Consequently, we have had to go back once, and may be one more time to make sure that the colours we have chosen were okay.

It doesn’t help that there are about six other families there, so when you look at selections, there are about half of them missing as they are sitting on the desks of other good folk around you. Humpf! Not very impressed.

The electrical selection too cost a mini fortune. Amazing how an odd power point here and another one there and suddenly you have spent about five thousand big ones more than you intended to.

We also had our contract signing on 27 May 2010. A few niggly bits and pieces – amounts not correct, double charging etc, but hopefully our customer service co-ordinator will fix it all up.

That said, seems like Porter Davis has applied for building permits! Hurrah!! That’s a big one, a step closer to them actually being on site. They should take no more than 14 days, so we’ll have an idea where we stand next week. I’m hoping the developers do not add to the extensive estate requirements. They cost big bucks and there isn’t much space to manoeuvre. This year has just flown by, I can’t believe it will be mid June (and my baby’s fourth birthday) soon.

We drove around the estate the other day and must say its looking good. Simonds Homes seem to be racing ahead, we surprisingly have quite a few Metricons (thought they were a bit more expensive than most) and a number of smaller builders. It is a hive of activity and will be quite unrecognisable soon. Our little man, who usually loves a drive around the estate was none too happy though, he wanted to go to Bunnings instead!

Key decision points for us remain:
The colour of the windows/gutters/ downpipes
The addition of a fireplace (where and what type)
Colour and type of garage door (Contemporary in Manor Red seems nice)

This calls for a trip back to the showroom – I’d really like to get it sorted by next week. Electricals are all done, its just this one to go. The tile appointment is scheduled for 24 June 2010. Our site start is scheduled for July. All along it seemed far far away, now its on our doorstep! Interesting times, interesting indeed!