Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Its ages since I wrote but here’s some big news. PD started on site today, 18 August 2010!! Woot, woot!! I need to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. One year one month, and a thousand grey hairs later something is happening!! DH took the kids on site and there was a digger there cutting away. The kids were thrilled, we have been talking about “our new home” for a while now and there’s action!

The building manager has said that weather permitting, our slab will be down by 30 august 2010. A slab! Pinch me again…. It really is a bit surreal. A new home for my boys, how cool is that!!

In truth, PD promised us a July site start. Not promised but guaranteed. But they didn’t start in July so that’s when I got annoyed. Letters back and forth mentioning the ACCC and Consumer Affairs and they agreed to shorten the build time to account for the delay. Good enough for me! I must say that the manager has been pretty good at responding especially when I turned up the volume a bit. I guess persistence is the key.

Just BTW, PD asked us to mow the lawns in preparation. It took about three hours to mow the grass that had grown over the past year and a bit, our little four year old quite happily lent a hand too. But it sure was hard work! I'm glad our garden wont be that big, but a more manageable size.

Will upload some site pics later – happy days!!