Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slow and Steady...

Its a phrase that Porter Davis seem to take seriously. The site supervisor (SS) promised that the frame would be ready in ten working days. Here I was thinking yes! the frame would be done by this Friday, but apart from one day last week where the tradies did a bit of work, our block has been getting no lovin.... While the lower half of the frame is kind of done (see pictures above), there is still a fair way to go. Looks like the PD house further down the road is getting a lot more attention, the roof is on and the frame complete. When thats done, I guess we'll get to share the love too!
The estate seems to be coming along well, albeit slowly too. While I've been a bit disappointed during the last few visits there - patience is not one of my stronger virtues, the kids love any trip to see 'their property'. They can't wait to get out of the car, and run up and down on the site, throw bits of wood into puddles and closely inspect any of the stuff the tradies leave behind. Banana peels and glue guns included. I can just imagine how enthusiastic they will be as we get closer, and makes it all worthwhile. Here's to better weather and maybe some lovin?!?! For the block ofcourse :)