Monday, September 20, 2010

On a roll!

I thought we’d see hordes of hard working tradies slaving on our site but au contraire its amazing how much two tradies and a few tools can achieve. As we have found, it takes not much more than that to put up a frame and that too in about three days of work on site. Although that equals two weeks in real honest time as most days there’s no one actually working on the block. Methinks if they put their mind to it, building time from start to finish would take approximately two months if you had the tradies on site every day, not whenever it takes their fancy. Pretty much like the rest of us trudge daily to the office, come rain or shine. I wonder where the tradies disappear to on other days. Other sites? Bunnings? Or watching Dr. Phil (he of the 'what were you thinking' fame) at the local pub while slugging a cool slab down? Or Lilydale lake, feeding the ducks while time ticks lazily by. Hmmm… you reckon I could swap an office job for being a tradie and find out? Just for a little bit.

No grumbling here though, I’m pleased to see things happening. And the picture above is one I love. You can see the house as it is starting to form. Yes its in progress, but to me its beautiful.

Our SS has been pretty good too – he does give us regular updates. He called the other day to say he expects the fascia and gutters to be done this week and the roof by next, woo hoo! That man deserves a good hot curry. Okay so may be not that hot!