Monday, October 4, 2010

Roof and Rapt

Never thought we’d be rapt about tiles on a roof but we are! Stopped by yesterday, 24 September 2010, as you do, and the roof was all done, fascia and insulation wrapping too. After months and months of chasing up what seemed like a distant dream, its starting to get a bit more real. We walked around the house and it does feel lovely and spacious. With the insulation on, its easy to see just how big the rooms are. I’m thinking of the boys running up and down the stairs, playing hide and seek as we used to (and getting tired and having a good nap, maybe?) and me not having to nag DH to mow the lawns. Big pluses for me. And the walk in pantry, rumpus room and the dishwasher, three more pluses. In no time the pantry will be stocked with enough to feed an army for six months, but that’s what mum’s do! DH seems quite pleased himself. Looks like PD might have some magic up their sleeves after all…is there a slim slim chance we’d get in before Christmas?!?! That would be the icing on the Christmas cake!