Monday, October 4, 2010

Does 4=3? I think not.

(Warning = this one is a vent!)

So this building business is tougher than I thought. You have to read the fine print. Literally. The teeny tiny fine print at the bottom of an ad or in your contract. The one that your grandma with high-powered multi-focal green contact lenses (if they exist) cant see. Must seek, must read.

It’s a new battle now, where one has to prove that four doesn’t equal three. There are three leaves on our bi-fold doors while, the ad says that there should be four. Now, what does that mean? Four means that we can throw open the living space and go out into the backyard without gingerly stepping around our dining table. It means that hips are not so bruised, it means that little tousled heads dont get bumped when the rugrats run around as they do, it means better views of the lovely landscaped backyard that DH has promised me (dare I say more gentle coaxing may be needed).

Four looks elegant, polished. Three is just plain nice. Four is what we paid for, three is a mistake. But now I’m told that three equals four, the door frame stays the same while the leaves are smaller. That’s not what the ad says, the four is the bigger door, the three is much smaller. There’s something about maths here that leaves much to be desired for. The price came through correctly, the description didn't. Then there’s the teeny tiny print at the bottom of the advertisement that is to be a disclaimer of sorts, a get out of jail free card. But the advert clearly says I’m getting a 4 leaf bifold door (see above). I’m stumped.

Bottom line, where I come from (and methinks it was a pretty darn good place) three does not equal four, and I’m hoping the good folk at PD resolve this for me.

Before I forget, the bricks arrived last week and lets say they have a tint which was a bit unexpected. I still think it will look good with the white mortar we'd upgraded to. For now they are sitting pretty as the brickies are AWOL - maybe flexing their muscles at the Commonwealth Games? You'd have some pretty good biceps if you were a brickie I think. We might get some action next week if all goes well - its been two weeks now that the house has been sitting pretty.

In other news, we are less one duck and all said and done I’m a bit sad about that. Mo (our duck) was lonely after her partner in crime (abbreviated to PIC) flew away. After being banned from the house, she decided she was a bird after all and took to flying up to the roof in the evenings and tearing up the backyard by day. She also found a new PIC – a raven and they teamed up to be the odd couple. Sadly enough, this love story ended a bit prematurely when an executive decision had to be made. Backyard a mess, kids chasing duck, duck stressed, mum stressed, too hard. Mo was shipped off to Chesterfield Farm yesterday, and I’m hoping she enjoys the new place and doesn’t end up on someone’s plate. So much for Romeo and Juliet. They’re out for a duck.