Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piping a happy tune!!

In more ways than one.... for starters, when we stopped by this morning our block was abuzz with tradies. Good folk working hard, thats what I like to see. Wood being chopped (never mind that I have no clue where its going to go) and plumbers busy installing those critical pipes. The radio was on at full tilt, mallards splashing around in the temporary pool that is our neighbours lot, and that was a great start to the day.

I met up with an independent site inspector as well. Malcolm, from the Building Watchdog, here's your plug. Malcolm aka Sherlock H. of the building industry, spent a good three hours at our place looking at the frame of the house and at things like Ramset pins which sound very officious and much needed. A few bits and bobs have come up that require attention, but on the whole the house seems to be structurally sound - it would have to be to house the clan and other assorted forms of life that usually follow us home. Highly recommend Malcom @ - more bang for your buck!

That said, the big highlight of today was the chat I had with one of the managers at Porter Davis. He's been pretty helpful so far and it seems he's spoken to the regional head and agreed to resolve the door issue. The back of the house will be re-engineered and then PD will put in a 3 metre, four leaf bi-fold door as in the beautiful ad below. Woo hoo! It means my hips are safe, the rug rats wont get bumped that often, and now I can keep an eye on DH in the backyard (not that I'm going to tell him that - and hopefully neither will you). Stuff ups happen, I'm thrilled that PD cares enough to fix them!

Electricals are next and while I had a few uh-oh minutes looking at the bricks, I still think they may turn out okay. DH wanted Amber Blaze - a pinkish plain brick with no variation, I chose Jarrah - a deep two-toned maroon (see above), and this was the one battle I won. He chose the house type and pretty much everything else, including the names for our two boys, so I do want make sure I've done the right thing here. When were are bald, old and grey, peering out of bottle thick lenses, dribbling over each other I don't want him giving me a gummy smile and lisping "Theee I told you, that other brick would have looked better". Hmmmmm........

Anyhow, the plumbing is almost complete, and the brickies should be back from the Commonwealth Games next week, with a couple of gold medals in tow. Life is good!