Friday, October 29, 2010

Hope in a Cement Mixer

Evidence that brickies exist!

Monday came around - a brand new week with the promise that yes, the brickies would be there. As you can imagine by now, they have morphed into phantasmagorical beings, like dragons and faeries, honest politicians and elves, children that do as they are told and dashing young princes on white steeds. The stuff I make up to keep the preschooler entertained. And sometimes his daddy too.

So we drove around to see a big fat nothing, as someone else puts it. Status quo. No change. Nada. Nuffing. I called the Site Supervisor (SS) to find out – the brickies had got it all mixed up, they’d gone to another job not ours. They would come out the next day though to unpack the stacks and then start laying the bricks on Thursday. If you’ve seen the Walt Disney animated movies they have this sequence where little blue birds chirp and circle happily around one’s head to show that one is dreaming. That is exactly what it felt like. Dream on marathon.

Thursday came along and big gigantic humungous surprise. A cement mixer placed strategically out in front of the house. Bricks unpacked and some of the walls were partially done. So excited to see something happen! And then some more good news, PD actually agreed to change some of the electrical stuff too; add some more down lights and include a digital TV antenna, all to be paid for of course. Woo hoo! Our SS is a pretty good guy, and has been helping us out of tricky corners all of which counts.

Hope comes in some strange places, some find it in a rainbow, some find it in the stars…well we found it in a crusty old cement mixer yesterday.

The crusty old cement mixer