Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brickies; Magicians, Superheroes and Rock Gods

Talk about magic, day 85 or so.

The brickies are here, the brickies are here. The kind of excitement that was once reserved for Santa Claus, then handsome lads (not that the jolly old man in red isn't handsome, he is a potbellied kind of way IYKWIM), is now reserved for brickies. I kid you not. As I mentioned earlier these phantasmagorical beings are to be taken seriously, especially when ones house depends on them.

And they do work magic. They turned what looked like a pile of matchsticks and pallets of Jarrah bricks into what actually looks got it - a house!! A really neat job too, no mucking about. Magicians alright.

Jarrah bricks with upgraded off white mortar

Then superheroes. Now I will say I've always been a tad suspicious of lads who wear their undies on the outside to show how macho they are. I'd be saying, go get your clothes on in the right order, save the world later. Priorities people. Anyhow, these brickies are super heroes cause for one they finished the whole lower floor in less than a week, plus from the looks of it there are no undies on the outside. Beat that Superman.

Amidst all this joy another another mix up. Our front door arrived and it's not the one we wanted. Thought we paid big bucks for the fancy shmancy one but while we got charged for the upgrade, the door code was wrong. Should have checked it but with the imps on my minds tis impossible to track everything. I saw the upgrade, I figured PD would get it right. Hope to goodness this is easily fixed, running out of cross swords here.

Over the past few visits we have met our neighbors as well, nice to know there are so many kids around. The imps can already point out which kid lives where and the mums and dads seem lovely too. Bonus is our's won't be the only house that needs SuperNanny and her entourage - maybe there's a bulk billing discount for all of us there, hmmmm......

All in all, the house is moving along. Still pretty impressed with them brickies. To you they may be just tradies clad in mortar splashed overalls, to me they are magicians, superheroes and yes, rock gods.

Sunset on a spring day