Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Big Green Doors

Driving to The Range

Day 90 or so. It’s a family ritual now. Go shopping, drive past the new home, drop the preschooler for singing lessons, drive past the new home, come back from work, drive past the new home. You get the picture. Some families have lovely little rituals, like sleeping by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, or the one I’m envisioning when the kids are older, is a family cricket game each get together. Not that I can bat or bowl, but I can yell. A technique perfected by four and a bit years of calling out for the preschooler, or twelve or so years of hollering for the husband, who responds promptly only he thinks there’s dessert on the table. Anyhow, so our family ritual is driving past our new home. Daily. Twice daily, sometimes more than that.

I could do this route in my sleep.....

So we drove past yesterday and we saw….two big green doors. Installed. Now that made me do a double take. Before you think my talent for interior designing has completely deserted me the doors do come in a hideous shade of green. Not cute-as-Shrek green but something truly hideous – I leave what that is to your imagination. Then the painters work their charms and they are turned into rather good looking doors of the hue you actually chose.

So the wrong doors have been installed. But then again, they do look kind of nice (except for the current colour which the painters will change) so I’m thinking leave them be, and that will be one less thing for me to worry about. I can yell but this time, I think I won’t.

Two Big Doors

Since we were there we hopped out of the car and took a walk around. Looks like the elves have been busy. The ducted evaporative cooling is in, there are a few wires hanging around, looking busy but doing nothing, both the laundry door and the garage door have been installed. All this makes me feel that this house may yet be completed well before I am toothless, old and grey.

There’s work being done around the estate as well. Lots of landscaping, the big wetlands now have turtles plus ducks, so I’m told. There are BBQ shelters planned tucked in the corner, far away enough to protect the ducks from those inclined to BBQ them. Pretty sure my brother in law falls in this category. Walking trails will be in shortly too and I asked the developers for playground equipment as well. Insert cunning plan: tire kids out, kids may sleep well. Peace to all on earth.

Lots of houses going up quickly and it will be no time before this looks like a beautiful new sanctuary. Day 92 and 93 saw the upper portion of the house wrapped, and the electricals and plumbing roughed in. Progress is good, it leaves a warm feeling like a job well done or like socks that actually come clean in the wash.

Day 92 or so, we have doors!