Thursday, December 2, 2010

Naughty not nice…

You’d better watch out, You’d better not cry
I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town!

I hope them brickies know that. Them and the good folk at PD too. Day 105 or so. Its been three weeks now and each week I’m told that the brickies are coming to finish what they have started but nope they are off elsewhere. No sign, no trace. The bottom floor is complete but the upper floor stands like a half decorated Christmas tree whose owners decided watching Oprah in Australia would be more fun than finishing what they started. Naughty, naughty. Calls for Super Nanny and her entourage.

Waiting for them brickies.....

Lock up (the stage where bricking is complete and all doors are installed) was initially supposed to be 21 November, now its Monday next week. Its more likely to be mid-December at the rate things are progressing. Of course PD may decide to wave a magic wand and get things moving but it looks a bit improbable now.

That aside, our house has its first visitor and we haven’t even moved in yet. A nest tucked away in the roof indicates that we have guests. Not possums thankfully, just birds. The kids were most excited and wanted to see the “chicklings” – luckily for the chicklings I kept the boys away – or else their sojourn on this side of the moon would have been a bit too brief for comfort.

The reserve and more construction happening down the road...

A little more has happened, insulation batts have been installed as have the solar panels and absolutely critically - the wiring for the theatre projector. DH was happy about that. I can picture movie days when the imps call their friends over for shows and peace and quiet reigns for a little while at least. Like the movie days we had in boarding school. We got to watch a curious mixture of grown up stuff like “Grease” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” all in an school shaped by its traditional British orgins and curiously modern outlook.

The plasterboard people too have been having problems with their GPS’s because they too were supposed to be here a week or more ago but haven’t shown up. All this Christmas shopping must be distracting. That the U2 concert. Most of Melbourne went for that – me I’m lugging the boys off for the Wiggles this weekend. That’s one Christmas pressie I wont have to pick up off the floor!

I’m loving the Christmas season though, watching the excitement of the boys when we put the tree up was like reliving our childhood, even though the star on the top of the tree looks like its had a bit too much of Christmas cheer. And then there’s the promise and threat of Santa – that’s very very effective. I’ll miss the jolly old man when he goes away for another year, he’s been rather helpful with getting the boys to pick up their toys, brush their teeth and sometimes just listen!

From a distance

Now Santa, I’ve tried to be really good (and surely trying counts for something). Please could I have just one respectable Tatslotto win and some brickies and plasterboarders that actually show up and finish the job when they should this year?