Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Touch and Go

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 (AM) Day 119. Humpf. This building business is like being on a temperamental see saw. One day up and two days down and you come off all battered and bruised. All the sudden flurry of activity got me thinking maybe this house would be done by February. That and the rumour mill tells me that PD generally finish ahead of schedule by two months or so. (Ha! Ha! Wishful thinking that)

Our Home on the Range

So we went to meet our Site Supervisor on site and he says yeah the tradies are booked in, but the plasterers want Christmas off and so even if the painter wants to work through he cant because the plaster patch up guys have to finish first. Fair enough, Christmas is Christmas and most folk are entitled to holidays BUT
  • If they started on time, we’d be four weeks ahead now and closer to completion in the new year
  • Settlement would probably be in Jan and not March like it seems now
  • And our wallet wouldn’t have been as slim as it is

A new zone in the reserve....funny that 2 trees are protected, the other 200 have already been culled in the name of development!

There is a ridiculously slim chance that the tradies may do what they are supposed to do on time and that would mean the plaster patch up boys may come in before Christmas and then the painter can work through and the tiler may as well, but it’s a bit like a line of dominoes. One bucks the trend and down they all go. It’s all touch and go at the moment.

One of the trees that are safe for now!
If builders were paying for mortgages, they’d be building houses quick smart not mucking about. Not really impressed but nothing I can do about it. Except whinge a bit here. From the looks of it, we’ll be pretty close to the contracted completion date and they start paying compensation from that date onwards if the house isn’t done by then. Not that that covers much. Grumble, grumble, mutter and mumble – I’m sounding like the Grinch now. The house is standing like a giant present that I’m told I might be able to unwrap three months post Christmas. Not fair.

Whinge over.