Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Bees Knees

Thursday 16 December 2010. Day 120. See saw, Marjory daw. You know the rest, even if poor old Majory is so over her name being repeated in countless playgrounds all over the world.

But now here’s our time line of events:

Bricks done: Thursday 9 December 2010
Bricks washed: Wednesday 15 December 2010
Staircase in: Wednesday 15 December 2010

You read that right! Staircase in. Woo hoo!! No more gravity defying climbs up steep ladders, no more wibbly wobbly up we go. I’ve resisted the urge to title this post an inane overused ‘Stairway to Heaven’ but that said, it does really really really feel good to have a staircase. Immeasurably good. Like finding ancient photographs in which I looked ever so slim, or possibly the feeling the bugs get when they escape the boys grubby hands. What is it with boys and bugs? I don’t get it. Footballs and toys of every hue abound, but they like snails, creepy crawlies and ‘pider webs. Yuck.

Stairs! And a little person at the top of it!

The brick cleaners were in and have given the house a good scrub and now the bricks look lovely too. All the initially misgivings I had have vanished and I have a feeling that its only going to get better. As the bricks dry the mortar shows up a bit more and there’s that deep maroon and white contrast that is so cool.

Our lovely neighbours came over yesterday and they really liked the house too. “Cathedral high ceilings” – I heart that comment. That was a bit of validation, it’s not only us who think our home is the bees knees/the cats meow/the dog’s bow oh wow – make your pick.  I will give DH credit for the actual house selection. My pick was the Cremorne, he won this battle – and most other ones too. I’m happy to eat humble pie, sometimes, as long as it’s cooked well and not a habit.

Bow oh Wow!

The doors are starting to go in as well and the architraves. I reckon I could do a Masters in Building terminology now, all these things that make up a house actually have very officious names. Door run around thing-a-ma-jings = Architraves. Stuff around the top of the ceiling that makes it look pretty = Cornice. And while you are at it, don’t bump your head on the shadow line feature Caesarstone benchtops. See you could get a Masters too!!

Next stage: Kitchen fix. Come on chippies, plaster patch up boys and PD in general, c’mon!!