Friday, December 24, 2010

Of Cabinets and Unwarranted Invoices. And A Merry Christmas to you too!

Wednesday, 23 December 2010. DH rang to say an invoice arrived in the mail. Some big bucks to be paid for the Fixing stage which was supposedly complete. Now coming from a background where we counted our pennies carefully and made sure we got what was paid for (no more and no less), the super sleuth decided lets check before we cough up.

Our home, from a distance....

So the snotty kids *yep, they got colds just before Christmas* were bundled in the car and off a sleuthing we did go. Only to find yes, there were cabinets there and a couple of sinks too but by no stretch of the imagination was “fixing” complete. For one, the laundry cabinets are missing, and then the architraves are only half done in the theatre and then all the sinks aren’t in too. As for shelving, it doesn’t exist. Yet. It is like the chippie decided half way through the job that he’d be better off doing some Christmas shopping for Great Aunt Hepsibah. Just cause he likes her knitted cardigans with Chip or Dale inscribed on the front, so much. That kind of designing you don’t find in any of the stores. D&G take a hike.

The kitchen cabinets, love the space!

One thing is for sure. The Accounts department is super efficient. They must hire the fastest guns in the country, for before you can say “Merry Christmas” there’s an invoice on your doorstep, for work that hasn’t been done. Impressive, not.

Anyhoo, that invoice isn’t going to get paid until the chippies and their friends get off the bottles of good cheer and finish what they are supposed to. Whether they wear Great Aunt Hepsibah’s colourful cardigans or not.

Enough said.
Our ensuite, think of how much I can store in here!

May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year be bright. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all!!