Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wednesday, 30 December 2010. Day 134. Even though you know and we know there’s no one doing anything remotely constructive around the house, the elf in me still wants to check. And lucky we did so – the ensuite has sprung a leak. Now this actually happened in early December and our good SS assured us that it was all fixed. Nope it wasn’t. Cause the plasterboard is all wet and if it looks like water, and sounds like water – it must be…water. Pure genius that!

The reserve....oh so pretty!

So I called our builders. Nobody answered. Instead, I got an answering machine that told me to ring someone else. Now I don’t like being told off by anybody, especially machines. Anyhow tis the season to be jolly, and so I called the plumber and he said yeah he will have a look, and hopefully he does, cause the naughty corner is vacant at the moment. Kids have been on their best behaviour of late, the pre-schooler is waiting for “baby Jesus’s second birthday” (read that as next Christmas) now that the first birthday he can recall is over.

This whole answering machine business is a bit strange too. You’d think one of the biggest volume builder conglomerates could keep one person to handle customer service during the holidays, given that most houses are not aware that its silly season and usually get up to no good when nobody’s there to check on them.


One thing is for sure. Each time we visit, I just love the bricks we’ve chosen even more. It reminds me of a delicious smooth strawberry sundae, with heaps of whipped cream, and a cherry on top. And at this time of the year, calories don’t count. At least I like to think so.