Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inching towards the home stretch

Saturday, 23 January 2011. Day 157. Christmas came and Christmas went and all was merry and bright. The house was like an old friend we just had to visit from time to time even though we knew there wouldn't be much happening. Just to say hello, and scout around and supposedly decide on stuff like blinds, landscaping and so forth. In truth it was more to take those long meandering walks with the boys and shoot the breeze with the neighbours. As I guess we'll do when we move there.


It was status quo till about 12 Jan 2011. Yes, Happy New Year to you too. Then, surprise, surprise, the scaffolding was down! It gave us a chance to have a good look at the house, sans metal poles and the like, a bit like the unveiling of a beyootiful work of art. Me, I was chuffed with the bricks. The cleaners were out and had given them a good scrub and mmmmm, they look good. Not a staid boring pink like someone I won't name wanted, but different tones of maroon contrasting with the off white mortar.

Scrubbed up too. Ignore the imp - he's up to no good.

Since then we've been back and forth and a few more things have been done. One, the hard won four timber bi-fold doors were in. I love, love, love them. They open up the whole family room and make it so nice and bright. It would be great to leave them open on a bright sunny day BUT for one thing - The Flies. They are not the usual polite flies you get elsewhere that do what they have to and bugger off. These are Australian flies. They are attention-seeking humongous son-of-a-guns. They do not do what they have to and disappear, they buzz around your head with a vengeance Al Qaeda would envy. They slam dunk themselves against light fittings and against glass doors, making a sound that rivals a 2,543 watt vacuum cleaner. They are obnoxious and quite obviously haven't been to the same finishing school, other flies around the world have been to.

I don't usually hate stuff, but I do hate these flies. So much so that I think my toddler's first words were not mama or dada, but "shoo fy". He's my boy alright. Anyhow, so the long and short of it is that I'm going to have to find fly-screens to keep them out without ruining the view from those lovely doors.

Love em doors. Bugger off flies.

Timber doors, check.
Architraves, still waiting. Lying about on the floor and don't seem to be inclined to do much else.

Laundry cabinets, Check.
Caesarstone bench tops, check. 
Yep, them bench tops are in. Love them too. They look great and are so easy to clean. Sticky little fingers find their way everywhere. And this is one which where I'm not going to have to worry about. Note to those who are building: 40 mm looks way better than 20mm - but functionally its all the same.

The preschooler christened this " The Grumpy Old Tree". No idea why. Bald and toothless perhaps??

The garage is supposed to get a roof next week. The painters are supposed to be in next week. No idea when and if the chippies (carpenters) will be there, but they may as well come over too, seeing as the whole gang will be there, a post Christmas tradies reunion of sorts. Goodness knows, I'd be happy to sponsor a tandoori chicken or two,  if they just worked quick smart.

After that its the tilers and then I'm guessing the electricians and plumbers to put in the finishing touches. Meanwhile I should get off my proverbial and get some landscapers in too. The neighbours have started  building and access to our backyard with a bobcat might be, well, a little tricky. DH has some wonderful visions of what he'd like. Me, I thrive on reality.

The wetlands. Heaps of cheeky cockatoos and the ducks have survived Christmas too. They're in hiding.

At this stage, we are told that we are on track for March. With the help of my trusty pal Google and a few nifty calculator tools, I reckon its early March or someone will have to start chipping in. Been trying to get the dates confirmed by the admin in the builder's office, but it seems to be a bit too hard to pin down.

Anyhow, with a bit of luck and a lot of good weather, early March it will be. Stay tuned....