Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Home Stretch

Day 192 or so, Saturday, 26 February 2011. Today was the first time in a very long time that we didn't go to our "copperty" i.e. property - the way the two year old pronounces it. Too busy mowing lawns (thats me), and painting decks (DH after a bit more gentle coaxing) and bouncing on the trampoline (them rugrats). But we did go yesterday and t'was a sight for sore eyes.

Almost done!! Entry doors still to be painted though....

  • The big one - toilets fixed! 
  • Another big one - carpets in! 
  • A third big one - balcony all done! 

And yes the laundry all neat and tidy too, tiles fixed and grout done. One thing I will give our builders credit and full marks for is that the "finish" of all the work they have done so far has been excellent. On par with the display homes which defintely says something. The paint is neat, brickwork is fantastic, and the carpenter deserves an award. Not sure how he'd like sashaying down the red carpet but his work is good and he's a top notch bloke too. Him and our SS (site supervisor).

There are a few bit and bumps here like the carpets look a little more work is needed and maybe I'm jumping the gun here cause the 'carpeteers'  may well be back on Monday to tidy up. A bit of plasterboard chipped here and there and the exhaust fan sounds as wheezy as I do at the moment. These should all be rectified early this week.

Garage - a little more work needed here too. Door to be installed for one.

The master bedroom lights are a little niggle because my idea was to have these nice hanging lights on each side of the bed over the bedside tables like they did in one of the display homes. In theory, the lights were to be there so I can do some night reading (ha! like them kids will let me). Anyhow the sparky's had plans better laid than mine and brought the lights forward so now they'll be shining closer to my midriff (which doesnt really deserve a spotlight) and there goes my idea of being tucked away with a good book in bed.

The positions in the plans kind of showed where we wanted them but anyhow - its an easy enough error to make and I cant expect them to read our minds. It would have been nice to get them moved but thats been shot down faster than you could say Jack Splat. I think we may have to swap them over for downlights, which should look kinda cool. Or maybe some fancy lights that focus elsewhere. Hmmmm....

Totally four year old's work of art! Picasso you reckon?

Okay so news now. This is "the week." Our SS says we'll have a walkthrough on Monday, external inspections in on Monday/Tuesday and then a few days to rectify the issues that they find. The keys might be ready later in the week and we *might* then move in.

The SS also reassures us that our mortar is indeed off white. Okay so I will take his word for it, sometimes its easier to give in. Just sometimes, though my dearest Aunt Ivy would not be happy to hear me say that. The rickshaw wallahs quake in fear each time she deigns to travel - they dare not diddle her out of a naya paise (red cent) more than the fare that is displayed on the crotchety old meters. Else she hauls them off by the ear to the nearest police station while casting rather colourful aspersions on the characters of their forefathers, fathers, sisters, brothers and pets. See I might just be a chip of the old block, but not quite.

Jarrah bricks with "off white mortar" turned out great eventually....

Its still all a bit unreal to me. Two years of building seems like a lifetime.I think I'll have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming at the end of it all.Our much harried SS will probably breathe a sigh of relief once we move in, I haven't been the easiest of customers. He's been good all through though, really patient which is good. At the end of the day, all I want is a well built home with everything as per the contract we signed. No more and no less.

Looks like we are on the home stretch now.....