Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Mighty Stink

Day 189, Wednesday, 23 February 2011. Things were moving along just dandy - or so we thought. Thats when we realised that something was stinking. Literally. Turns out that the toilets arent flushing as they should and any water in the pipes causes a sewage overflow right in front of our brand spanking new house.

Lovely toilets, pity they don't flush :(

Yuck is a polite way to put it. Health hazards aside I'm not impressed. Our good SS assures us that the plumbers will be out to fix it, and they'd better fix it pronto cause we wont be moving into a house where the toilets dont flush anytime soon. Then today, another surprise and not a pleasant one.The much loved Portaloo in front of our house was missing. Now there's heaps of work to be done still - garage doors to go in, carpets to go in, balcony to go in, plumbers to come and fix the stink. Put two and two together and guess whose loos get used?

Laundry....almost there

Now I'm generally quite reasonable (even when I have the flu) but when you pay for a brand new house with brand new loos, thats what I want. Not "as new". Brand new. So I'm not in the least bit happy. That and the mortar niggle is still on. Going to speak to the SS tomorrow and lets see what happens next.

D day  is supposed to be sometime next week, but right now I'm not holding my breath. May still happen, but still may not.