Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Them tiles and an investigation

Day 182. Wednesday 16 February 2011. For all those who asked, here are details of our tile selection:

  • The floor tiles are Portfino, Coastal IVORIO Gloss 400x400.
  • Ensuite (Bath1) tiles are Portfino, Coastal Matt, IVORIO Satin 400x400.
  • Ensuite shower tiles are Portfino, Coastal , IVORIO Gloss 400x400.
  • Bath 2 and 3 tiles are Portfino - FA04 Plateau Matt 400x400 Grigio Satin
  • Shower tiles in Bath 1 and 2 are - Portifino - Plateau Grigio Gloss 400x400

Matt tiles on the floor, gloss on the walls, one set of tiles for zone 1 (downstairs), one set of tiles for zone 2 (upstairs) - thats the general rule I made up and then followed. Thanks for asking though, it just validates our selections.

Look, no fences!! On a wet rainy Melbourne day.

The pouring rain didnt stop us from visiting today. The sparkys have been busy - lights are all in and barring a few misfixes which I hope our SS can help resolve, it looks all really good. They have done a pretty neat job. Love the stairwell lights, I baulked as we were way over budget but DH coaxed me into getting them. Lets say, I'm glad he did. They will look even better when the carpets are in.

Stairwell lights - love em!

Downlights in too. Me like.

There's just one niggle right now. The Building Manager mentioned that our "natural mortar" looks great. Hmmmm....wait a minute. Its "off-white" we paid a fancy amount to upgrade to, wasnt it? I had a few second thoughts when I saw the mortar earlier on in the piece, but we were assured that it was off white and the colour would show up. That said, the Building Manager would have seen heaps of sites and its unlikely he's far off the mark. Now is it natural or off-white? I'm off to investigate.