Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life is sweet!

Day 174. Tuesday, 8 February 2011. Sometimes that stubborn Scorpion streak shows up when I need it most (can still picture mum askin who would ever marry me, ahem!). I called Building Conciliation Victoria, and they confirmed what I thought. Its just the contract and only the contract that stands. 205 days, 10 March 2011. And then the manager at PD called and verbally confirmed that too, followed by written confirmation. Thank you for coming to the party PD. What more could a girl ask for!!

Garage et al!

Meanwhile the house has been a hive of activity. The painters were in last week and have done an absolutely superb job. Neat and the colours look fantastic. Cream coloured walls, white ceilings, cream porcelain tiles with a bit of character which makes the house look light and airy. And big. Happy days! Between you and me and the world wide web, I think DH is more thrilled than I am. I’m chuffed but he’s on a different plane altogether.

The lounge, and my bi-fold doors! Imp on the outside.

The garage roof went up on 7 February 2011 too, that’s a biggie that makes the house look even better. The tilers were in at the end of last week, and I’m loving how its all coming together. Its pretty tough to pick colours off a few samples and imagine how it will all look in a big house but I think we’ve managed with more hits than misses, and that’s all good in my books. The feature tiles in all the bathrooms are worth the big bucks that were spent on them; they’ve come out swinging in style. The rainshower heads will be the final touch I reckon. Will be hard to drag them kids outta the bath - and might be easier to get DH to take one too.

Feature tiles for Bath 1 (ensuite) and powder room
Feature tiles for Bath 2 and 3

Bath 2 - awaiting a tub
Bath 3....waiting on shower screens and mirrors

Yesterday’s surprise was the garage roof and the glass kitchen splashbacks all done. DH chose a black splashback, and I was in two minds when I first saw it. Second thoughts on a trip today, methinks it looks good. We’ve gone for more earthy tones right through, and the black adds a dash of bold, a swashbuckling bit of bad ass that brings a bit more colour. And then there’s my walk in / butler’s pantry. Love that room, its so full of sunlight. Can fill it with the kind of goodies I could only dream of in boarding school.

Kitchen now has a splashback!
Room for Jeeves!

At this point it does look like we may meet the deadlines so early March it may well be. Been looking for packers and movers and putting stuff in boxes. The preschoolers wants to take all his books (fair enough) and the doors of our current house (huh?). Along with that been busy getting quotes for driveways, landscaping artistes and blinds. The countdown begins….