Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Plan

Day 176. Wednesday, 10 February 2011. DH wanted three rows of tiles on our kitchen splashback and so I spoke to our SS today. He’s quite  nice, all things considered. Seems that there aren’t enough tiles so two will have to do. I take back all the things I said about the black splashback in the kitchen, everyone seems to love it so maybe that was a good decision after all. And the splashback near the sink, pictured below matches it too.

Kitchen splashback near sink

The other thing that is bothering me is the colour of the front door. We *thought* we upgraded to a different timber finish front door but Hopetoun thought we’d upgraded differently. Happy with the door type, not sure about the colour. It’s a hideous green now, in preparation for painting. The colour we chose is Deep Indian Red. I hope that matches the bricks, it’s the closest we could get given that the bricks have tones in them. SS assures us that it does look good with these bricks, DH is a believer, and I’m just a little sceptical. Will reserve judgement till the painters are done and dusted.

As is my wont, I asked the SS for an update. Here it is:

  •          Tilers finish today
  •          Sparky’s in next week
  •          Concreters come in to fill in hole in the slab where PD forgot to put in additional drain pipes next week for the trusty washing machine that we have used for ten years now
  •          Plumbers in to finish said drain pipes next week, hope trusty washing machine realises how much it is valued and does not pack up after all this effort
  •          Also hope that the said plumbers finish up the rest of the showers and sinks too
  •          Carpeteers (made up that word, what else do you call people who fix carpets?) in next week. From memory, the carpet is a dark chocolate colour and should bring a warm touch to the bedrooms and theatre/rumpus room

After all of that its just a few fiddly bits here and there, and we should be on the home stretch. Its been such a long journey that I’ll have to get my kids to stomp all over my feet to see if I’m dreaming at the end of it. 

Cockatoos chillin out @ the wetlands

Exersite @ the Range - instructions to use bench below
Bench below

Once we are in there is still plenty to be done. Driveways, fencing and blinds are my top three. Then landscaping comes a close fourth, unless I want that sticky clay all over my carpets courtesy of the imps. They know how to muck up a house before you can say splat! Must be a boy thing. I remember being relatively neat and tidy though my mum might dispute that as a figment of imagination. Boarding school taught us to be generally neat with cupboards open for inspection and prefects who couldn’t be bribed. And being hauled up in front of a none too sympathetic matron. Punishment included missing the lone episode of TV on Wednesdays or Sundays for most girls, for me it was being banned from the library. Those were the days!

Back to all things building, and I’m looking at retaining walls now. Not really my expertise but I think the Austral bricks interlocking system might mean DH can skip his network gaming and do a bit of handy work in the backyard. Tradies must retire at twenty three as multi-millionaires, what with those rates. I should have skipped the post grad degree and picked up a hammer, would have been living the high life by now. Anyhoo, things are moving along. And it’s all good.