Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Day 203 or so. Wednesday 9 March 2011. Just when you think you have this building business nailed it bites you in the proverbial. Two Friday's in a row I've taken leave to 'move house'. Boxes packed, movers booked, friends (thanks Mandy & Carl) and some really nice rellies (thanks J) enlisted. Mammoth task and all y'know, even though its just five minutes down the road.

SS confirmed that all was good. The part where the builders of our nice neighbours decided to extend their site cut over to our side of the boundary and take some of the soil from under our garage as well for good measure was kind of sorted. Occupancy certificate issued once the above drama was nipped in the bud - a concerted plan saw that through.

Garage has finally has a door!

So feeling rather cheerful I called the bank today to confirm that the cheque would be ready for Friday. Hang on a minute said the bank, the valuers havent been to the property. Nope, they have, said I. The SS said they were out yesterday. No, said the bank, they were not. Sherlock back on the case and turns out that the valuer from the bank went out on Tuesday for the valuation and our SS says he was running 10 mins late. The valuer didnt wait and headed off after 10 mins. SS couldnt make it earlier today so now the valuation is scheduled for tomorrow morning, which means it is touch and go for settlement this week.

Just another angle. Rubbish cage will disappear shortly.

I really could do without this extra hassle, I'm told PD wont hand over keys without the cheque - and thats all up the creek through no fault of mine. I've appealed to the powers that be at PD and the gods at the great bank and am hoping that someone comes through for me.The funds are all approved, PD has the evidence that they are approved yet the incessant delays are driving us bananas.

Dont know who to be mad at, the crabby valuers who couldnt wait or the SS who was running late. The SS is generally good, just so happened this one crucial time. Either ways, them valuers dont care, neither will it really affect the builders if settlement is delayed yet again. But for me, I could use some choice Aussie swear words, not that I usually do. Just this once.