Friday, March 25, 2011

Living it up....and loving it!!

(Two weeks on)

Day 219. Friday, 25 March 2011. So during that last bit of drama, I turned into Lara Croft. Kicked some pretty hard and yes, we got what we wanted. Bank came to the party, courtesy DH’s boss, and someone else did too. Settled on Friday 11 March 2011, two weeks ago – keys handed over to us and we were home!

Home sweet home!

The boys were so excited, the first night we packed a few what-nots into a trailer and ‘camped’ out in one of the bedrooms. The older one just loved it, the younger one still a bit taken aback with the mayhem. The second day saw us packing frantically and waiting for the movers. Morning came and went, so did noon. No sign of them movers. Finally close to evening a big truck lumbered amiably and parked outside the house.

More excitement! Kids sat on a sofa in the garden playing with A & C our good friends who came along to help. “Monsta tuck” (monster truck) went the little one, and couldnt wait to climb in. So here I was happy as thinking we’d be all done and dusted and tucked in our brand spanking new home by late evening.

A housewarming gift!

Ha! Best laid plans and all that jazz. Those movers had caterpillars overtaking them, literally. Took them an hour to move the fridge, three hours later all the caterpillars in the neighbourhood were probably laughing hysterically at their pace. Sent them packing, pardon the poor pun, and then hired a truck and moved the rest ourselves. The last two weeks have been a blur, boxes, looking for clothes, more boxes, more looking for stuff.

Love our new home though. The soft carpets that had never been walked on, the smell of fresh paint, the clean airy feeling and excitement of the rugrats who just love the stairs. Up and down and up and down they go and are quite tired by bed time. The dishwasher, definitely tops on my list. The oven – tried and tested (muffins and quiche) and came out with flying colours. Them pretty stairwell lights and the soft downlights. The choice of three showers; the brats have christened the rain shower “Super Soaker” and the hand held one “Sonic” – don’t ask me why.

Using my oven for the first time

Love my pantry, where I can actually see the stockpile of food that has been amassed. Even the little birdy that throws itself at the side mirrors when I park the car and comes and peeks inquisitively at the pantry window is a charmer. That bird has some attitude!

Still so much to do, landscaping and fencing and blinds. All in good time. Grubby little hands left marks on the lovely walls, and scribbled all over them too. I was heart broken till I found my new best friend forever, sugar soap. Powerful stuff that wiped all the evidence clean and mum’s happy again.

Then DH went at the weeds in the garden, and next thing I know we needed plumbers to bandage the pipes that were savaged with the weeds. Turns out they shouldn’t have been placed that shallow, but naught much we can do about that.

Sunlight streaming in....

The family came over last weekend, and their reactions have been priceless. That and living in this beautiful house in this picturesque area, waking up to sunlight streaming in and the Ranges in the background, make the sweat and tears over the last two years well worth it. It is good to be home…..