Friday, April 1, 2011

Fencing and more

Day 225. Thursday, 31 March 2011. Moving all done, sweet relief. Now for the next round of hard yards:

Number one. To get the driveway done, install a timber deck for the porch so that I don’t have grubby footprints all over our lovely cream tiles.

Second on my list, the blinds, so that the rugrats don’t wake up at unearthly hours all cheerful and smiling thinking its time to rise and shine. I need my beauty sleep, more so as I age.

The third is the fencing. How do I contact the good neighbours and say, listen guys, you need your privacy, I need mine, how about we go about putting a 6 foot 4 inch fence on our boundary. And by the way you need to pay a half share, and I will too. It’s a bit of an odd way to start off a conversation with those next door.

Across the road. View from our study.

So I drafted a polite note to the neighbours and mailed it today. Dear good neighbours, please respond soon. I have two little brats boys that would soon undermine the fantastic work your builders are doing on your block and in the name of actually having a house that stands up for a good length of time, it might be in your interest to have fences up as soon as possible. Impermeable steel chain link ones might keep the curly mopped youngest one away, but for now capped 6 foot 4 inch sturdy timber fencing will protect your investment and my voice. I didn’t say that of course, but if they read between the lines, it would be wise to have that done yesterday.
I did want to add - it would really be nice if your builders quit damaging my house and cleaned up after themselves instead of throwing concrete on our side but that would be a trifle un-neighbourly, if that word exists. So I left that one to be battled out with the builders themselves, not our nice neighbours who in all probability have no idea what nonsense their builders are up to. Sometimes I wonder if really letting the curly headed mop top loose might not be such a bad idea after all. He's the one who is responsible for a large scar on his older brother (who is twice his size)'s face. Those builders would clean up their act quick smart if they saw him at his best.

Porch - merbau deck to be installed by Greek God here.

 Then DH wanted a deck under the porch. For me exposed aggregate concrete was good enough (and wallet friendly too) but DH insisted. A couple of tradies and a young Greek god (ripped like those guys you used to see in Bayswatch. I might be old but my eyesight is still pretty nifty) dropped in to quote too, seemed to know what he was doing and he’s hired. Merbau deck goes in next week. Concrete drive way and backyard to follow shortly after and then the blinds. That’s my top three. No doubt I’ll find ten more afterwards, but that will do for now.

One thing we love doing here though is going for walks. The kids want to chase the ducks who have multiplied quite tenaciously. For me these walks are partly to get some exercise, partly to wear the kids out and then partly to have a sticky beak. Love to look around and see who is doing what, to think I should have done that, or I’m glad we did what we did. Sometimes its just ambling to make the most of our lovely surroundings, meet new families and more often, to enjoy the wildlife, cheeky cockatoos, roguish Rosellas and dithering ducklings.