Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just because

Day 346, Saturday, 30 July 2011. Just cause the kids are in bed, just cause the little one hasnt yet woken up shouting for his bottle (yeah, I'm tempting fate, livin dangerously here), just cause I dont feel like folding clothes or washing dishes, or even finding the gazillion papers that means we can do our taxes, I actually have half an hour before its tomorrow and so I can blog. Playing old songs on YouTube and doing one of the things I like best.

So the dingo has been booked, one more check mark on our list. Another one is that we have called Adonis back to finish the retaining wall and start on a pergola. Summer will be here soon enough, and the kiddies will be wanting to be outdoors after a long wet winter. I called Stratco for a quote and goodness gracious me, had I peeked at those numbers before, we would have been better off choosing a Grand Alfresco with our good friends the volume builders.

Adonis is nice, he does a good job and refrains from the common propensity to pull figures out of the sky when asked for a quote. Greek god and all that, must count for something. So the retaining wall goes in sometime at the end of August or early September and then the pergola shortly after. I've chosen a nice gable look one which should give us a bit of extra height and a really nice look. I hope.

Back to the dingo, DH is counting the days down to getting his new toy, while I'm getting progressively more nervous. One week, seven days, weather be kind, rocks play nice, gas meter - duck! and water pipes stay hidden. The dingo's a-coming.