Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rocks, blocks and pebbles

Thursday 01 September 2011. Its been a month since I last blogged. Not that you've been hanging out waiting to read my posts, they're not quite as newsworthy as Jolie adding to her brood, or Kardashian splurging on her wedding when she could actually single handedly end the famine in Ethopia. Naaw, that would be boring-do-good stuff that would barely get her on the cover of Women's Weekly never mind selling another copy of the infamous tapes that most pretend celebs want to have. Me, I'm still trying to figure out how to get a good profile pic for FB that doesnt show my double chin.

I digress. I have been busy and that is true. Landscaper, nice chappie came in and gave us a quote that knocked our socks off. So DH went out and hired a dingo and when it came he was as excited as a kid at Christmas. Boys and their toys, they never grow up I reckon. The more excited DH was, the more worried I was. I think I prayed more than I ever did in a long time the weekend the dingo came to stay.

The dingo posing

These dingo diggers are nifty little pieces to move rocks, saves your back but not quite your wallet. They do take more than a little skill to use, and they do these little wheelies when you turn around complete with rubber marks on the concrete. Gave me palpitations it did, I must be getting old. Meanwhile DH had this cool dude - I know what I'm doing look, scary that.

Anyhow long story short, the rocks got moved into place, and the only damage was a pipe that stuck out and deserved its come uppance. That said, I was rather happy to see the dingo sent back to Coates Hire on Monday. DH ordered cubic metres of top soil and pebbles (crushed ice) and pavers and it was back breaking shovelling then. Worth the effort though, its slowly coming together.

Like I need more dirt!

A trip to Kuranga Native Nursery, kangaroo paws, cut leaf daisys, and a couple of green notes later, we had more plants for the rock garden. The tousled little one waters them faithfully, and while he's at it, he waters the weeds too. All things are equal y'know.

Jasper checks the plants out.

Amongst all that, the female guppy in the fish tank (christened Mama Guppy) decided to add to the drama. She waddled pot-bellied around the tank for a fair bit and as soon as we put her in another tank, she had about twenty fry. That's what baby fish are called, according to Google - I never would have known. Now she's up the duff again. The fish have more fun than we do, I reckon. Kids are most excited though, and I'm told they will be up for sale for one hundred and seventy one million dollars by the older one. Lovely, I can retire now.

Crushed ice and pavers all done

In the next few weeks we are hoping to get the retaining walls done, and then the porch fixed. Then we'll start on the backyard so the trampoline can come out of the garage and be put through the paces again. Nothing like a good hour of bouncing to wear the boys out, call for good long sleeps for them and time to catch up on some movies for us. Quickflix rocks.

Spring has sprung, the dingo is done, and all is well with the world.