Sunday, November 20, 2011

So this is Christmas....

Friday, 18 November 2011. Its almost Christmas. I didn’t think I’d be sayin this in November, but the plum pudding is out in the stores and the older one is learning “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on the piano. Jingle Bells is for kids, you know.
I cant believe how fast the year has flown. A cliché but oh so true. Last year this time our house was just a frame I think, and I was carrying on about brickies and the like. And now we are in and it is home.

Landscaping all done, the brick letter box too...

There’s scribbling on the wall, and dents and bumps where the younger one has careened full tilt with his little Scuttlebug bike in an attempt to conquer the world. There little sticky hand prints on the railing where sugar soap admitted defeat. The builders, kind souls, have fixed almost everything.

There are sunflowers grown from seed in the flowerbeds, and a few hardy chilli plants that defied the caterpillars too. There are lovely little kids across the street, who make great playmates for boys. The landscaping is done – in front of the house at least, and the backyard shall be done in time too. The house has stood up to some awful weather and been quite stoic, all things considered.

House rules, love this one!

There’s fighting and squabbling, and love and laughter. The decal we have for our walls says it all. The Christmas tree may go up this weekend, or maybe next. And for this and more, we are grateful. We have each other, we are home.