Monday, November 21, 2011

The House Rules

Monday, 21 November 2011. My patience has been tested. And so have the house rules. Y'know the decals that you liked so much, the older one decided to test the advertised claim that they were removable. With the edge of a particularly sharp ruler, he sidled up to it and gently prised a tiny bit of a letter off. More was no doubt to follow, but we caught the imp in the act, and he scutttled off before more damage could be done.

Them rules, view from the bottom of the staircase

We do forgiveness,
We do second chances and
We do really loud - all got a good work out.
We do love came out trumps, because he is still fed and clothed, and secondly he still has his beloved iPad. Which was supposed to be my birthday present last year, but has been completely appropriated by the little dictators.

We did put up the Christmas tree this weekend. Being five and three now, the kids 'get' Christmas. The list of demands has been pretty simple so far. The older one wants 'a million billion dollars'and Curly wants lots of nice presents. So far, so good - thats how easy our boys are. We have determined that Nobby, Santa's head honcho elf, has in fact four lists. They are:
  • Super duper good
  • Nice
  • Awful
  • Bloody awful. Sorry - make that Horrible

At any given time, the kids fluctuate between these lists and Nobby keeps a watcful eye on their behaviour to see where they stand. Needless to say, 'super duper good' means its likely you will get what you want and 'horrible' means the elves will take particular care to wrap some of Curly's stinkiest nappies in the most beautiful wrapping paper ever to put under the tree. Nobby is just a phone call away, though his number changes on a daily basis just because my pre-baby memory has never quite come back. The question of how we will get to a million billion dollars in the next month or so is best left unanswered. Ah! the magic of Christmas.

Tree all done, dressed to the hilt!

Back to putting up the tree, it was so much fun! With apologies to our neighbours because we had "Jingle Bell Rock" on full blast, the ornaments went up quickly. The boys were bouncing off the wall with excitement, and because they were having such a ball, we decorated two trees not one. Curly was thrilled with all his "goggles" (baubles) and the older one woke up at midnight and asked if we could move the tree to his room. Which was agreed to amiably, because midnight is not the quite the right time to start a discussion, and by morning he'd forgotten all about it.

Christmas is coming, christmas is coming!